Ray is a storyteller to the bone. With a strong vision and an ability to deliver, he has consistently been able to tell stories with empathy and a high level of craftsmanship.
— MOUSTAFA ZAKARIA | Founder + Director/Producer, Sard Media

Ray is among the most talented, up and coming documentarians I worked with in the Emirates. He is modest and hard working despite his vast technical knowledge and an already established reputation. His greatest talent is in courting people, both partners on his projects and subjects from the world at large. I would work with him again in glimpse.
— mahmoud kaabour | Filmmaker, Veritas Films

Ray has a charming and compassionate way of drawing people out to tell their story...you are also in the presence of a first class personal coach who will stop the show to engage and listen on a level of depth uncommon to our fast paced lifestyles.
— Armandee Drew | Intercultural Intelligence Coach

 Jason Carter

Jason Carter

One of the things you will have to deal with when working with Ray is - not only his attention to detail, but his moral compass , integrity and thought processes with regards to story. And I am not only talking about the way he makes films, but the way he lives his life.
— Jason Carter - Musician

..he’s a sharp eye, full of creativity. Easy to work with, Ray delivers value and quality for money, with enduring impact.